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DEC 2012: Wishing us all Peace on Earth; Good Will to Men.
In light of all the recent tragedies in our world—war, mall and school shootings—I’d like to wish Mankind a better year in 2013. May the end of the Maya Bak'tun truly usher in a new era of peace and love.
     Plus, Great reads for under the Christmas tree this Holiday.
We’re extending Holiday pricing, making it easier to gift full sets!
The Seeds series in paperback can now all three be purchased together as one with one-click at Amazon.

NOV 2012: NOOK... Thanksgiving will usher in the third editions of all six R.J. Archer novels as NOOK catches up to traditional print and Kindle editions for both series—Seeds and Parallel Ops. Enjoy special Holiday pricing, making it easier to gift full sets! Prices are reduced 25% on all eBook versions of Seeds series novels.
     Plus, The Mega Blog has been fully reconstructed and is up and running with several new blogs about Drs. Greg and Lora Little and their discoveries about an ancient maritime culture in the waters off Bimini in the Bahamas.

OCT 2012: The Portland Tribune published a feature article. Titled “Author digs into mystery of archaeology,” you can find an abridged pdf version » here (see page 2). Our thanks to the Portland Tribune, feature writer Jason Vondersmith and Portland Tribune Web and Publishing Systems Architect, Alvaro Fontan!
Watch the » Portland Tribune video interview.

AUG/SEPT 2012: Updates on Seeds Of Civilization and Parallel Ops include » NOOK versions (click) of TRACTRIX, TSUBUTE and
The Guardians, plus a new » video clip of a newspaper interview for
a feature article to be published in the Portland Tribune. Our thanks to Alvaro Fontan for preparing the sneak preview!
     Whew! The Mega Blog has been fully reconstructed and is up and running after my ISP inadvertantly lost it! It took alot of work but I was able to capture all the original posts.

JULY 2012: 2012 Northwest Author Fair, Lincoln City, OR! – AUG 25
After returning to Las Vegas, where it all began with TRACTRIX, and a successful signing at Barnes & Noble, Henderson, I’m ready for my trip to Oregon and the annual author fair on the Pacific coast—50 authors get together to sign your favorites.
I’ll be releasing my 6th novel, THE GUARDIANS, (Parallel Ops).

While in Nevada, we visited Beatty where Tony was given the mysterious black sphere. Facebook album: » Historic Beatty, NV

JUNE 2012: Summer in Las Vegas, NV, and Lincoln City, OR!
It’s all planned—my summer signing tour hits Las Vegas, where it all began with TRACTRIX. Just click “CALENDAR” in the margin.
      Plus, it’s all confirmed for the 2012 Northwest Author Fair in Lincoln City. I’m doubly excited about this event because not only will I be attending for the first time in three years—I’ve chosen this event to release my sixth novel, THE GUARDIANS.
      Have you visited my in-depth blog on » squidoo? I hope you'll stop by, share my posts, and enjoy the reads.

MAY 2012: How did I get started as a novelist? —many people have asked me that question over the years, and it’s basically the story of TRACTRIX. So I decided this morning to start an
in-depth blog on » squidoo about the science behind the fiction. Before I knew it I had written two sections: one about the beginnings of my first novel-writing experience—“My personal journey”—and another about the research that goes into my novels—the how and why of the locations I chose for TRACTRIX.
I hope you'll stop by, share my posts, and enjoy the reads.

APRIL 2012: Five novels for your weekend reads!
You can now choose from the Seeds Of Civilization series or the all-new Parallel Ops series, or better yet, read all five novels! I’ve set up multiple sites where you can choose either eBook or paperback and I also tweet the best price from time-to-time. THE SCIENTISTS and THE INFORMANTS are both available in eBook and paperback on all major retail sites and IndieBound. Read them one-by-one or in parallel—follow Jim and Linda simultaneously from different sites around the globe.

FEB/2012: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! It’s mid-February and we’re looking ahead to summer 2012. As our Valentine’s gift we received word of a tentative schedule for a summer book signing at a Barnes&Noble in Illinois. We’re also planning to take part once again in the Oregon Author Fair at Bob’s Beach Books in Lincoln City during August. Plus things are moving along with the new
» Parallel Ops series. APR/2012 UPDATE: THE SCIENTISTS is now available in both print and eBook and THE INFORMANTS made its appearance in paperback between April 7-12 on all major bookseller sites. Visit » rjarcherbooks.com for the links.

“You know that great feeling when you discover an author for the first time and find out they’ve got a well established series...If you like the same kind of books I do (a little archaeology, a little sci-fi, and a generous dollop of action) here’s one you should check out.” (R.J. Archer Page at Amazon)
-- Sean Ellis, author Dodge Dalton action novels, and thrillers
The Shroud of Heaven, and Magic Mirror, among others

JAN/2012: Are you a Facebook fan? I searched Facebook for you and found some great links about the Yonaguni mystery investigated by Frank and friends in »TSUBUTE, book two of
“Seeds Of Civilization”! Read about the monument, visit maps and learn about the famous Yonaguni horses, unique in our World. Don’t forget to click “LIKE” on their pages.
Yonaguni: Wikipedia
Yonaguni community page
Pyramids Yonaguni, album
Yonaguni Pyramids (JAPAN) and this » You Tube video
Yonaguni-Horses community page

CHRISTMAS/2011: What a great year for Seeds of Civilization Kindle eBooks, and also for the release of the first » Parallel Ops novel, THE SCIENTISTS on Kindle!  We lowered the price of the first series in eBook by 20% at all Kindle stores, here and abroad. And today we released the 2012 bookmark/calendar. » Download it free and please share one with a friend. Have a very, merry Christmas and
a prosperous and happy New Year 2012.
      When Frank Morton won a lottery jackpot in Tractrix, who could have imagined the events to follow?

DEC/2011: We’re celebrating! We’ve lowered the price on
Seeds of Civilization Kindle eBooks,
not just for Holiday gifting, but to celebrate the new series at » Parallel Ops.  Save 20% over the Kindle release prices at all Kindle stores, here and abroad. When Frank Morton won a lottery jackpot in Tractrix, who could have imagined the events to follow?
      Remember, Triangle of the Seeds of Civilization series is a prequel to the new series... Artifacts discovered deep beneath the sea in Triangle take on a whole new meaning in The Scientists. Take advantage of lowered eBook pricing—catch up.

AUG/2010: It’s new! Now you can take Seeds anywhere!
Beach read: paperback 9780977910908 (Ingram)
Travel read: Kindle B003WJRHC0 (Amazon)
Beach read: paperback 9780977910915 (Ingram)
Travel read: Kindle B003ZYEVQC(Amazon)
Beach read: paperback 9780977910939 (Ingram)
Travel read: Kindle B00466H8TU(Amazon)
If you don’t have the device, you can download the free reader for your computer or phone! Just click the link.

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